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"When you choose a facility or provider...We will stand above the rest." Linda Riley - CEO

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Advantage Medical Clinic will begin testing people who think they may have COVID-19, but have not shown symptoms or have recovered from mild symptoms.

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury ( TBI )

    Understanding that not all brain injuries result in the same symptoms, you need to be cautious in making any assumptions regarding your health after a major sports-related collision or car accident in which your head receives a significant blow.

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  • Concussions

    The brain is an extremely important and sensitive organ. Even the slightest disruption to the brain can result in permanent and life-altering consequences. It is critical to receive medical attention the moment you suspect you may have a concussion.

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  • Chronic Pain

    By addressing pain from a holistic and mental aspect, Advantage Healthcare Systems treats a wide array of chronic conditions that cause persistent pain.

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It is our mission to improve the quality of life for our patients by emphasizing abilities, minimizing disabilities, and encouraging prevention, health, and fitness as a way of life. Advantage Healthcare Systems provides highly skilled doctors, therapists, and technicians to meet the individual needs of the patients we serve.

When you choose a facility or provider... we will stand above the rest.

Linda Riley - CEO

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With main locations easily accessible in Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, we have been serving patients from around the United States as well as internationally.

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